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Nucleus School of Music

Individual lessons 

Group lessons 

Rock band instruction 847-347-9437

This is music instruction and music theory. 

Learn the songs you want to play. 

Lessons will be on Piano plus other instruments the student is interested in.

Artist and Band Production 

Are you a singer or player with songs but no band?

Are you looking for a songwriter?

How about additional instrumentation? (drums, ax, bass, horns, keys) 

Maybe, your ready for a solo project?


I will make your songs broadcast ready! 847-347-9437

Soundtrack Production 

Orchestrations, Percussion, Electronic, Blues, Jazz, Pop, Rock, World


Why pay licensing fees for stale and uninspiring music?

I'll Create unforgettable music to describe your ideas! 


Clients include:  “Forever Loyal” DVD and “The Cub Fan” featuring Bob Costas,PBS, Fox Sports Net, Adrenaline TV, Motorola, Quaker Oats. 847-347-9437

Advertising Production  From concept to completion

Scriptwriting and voice casting for all media

Extensive music library and sound effects

Nucleus Recording Studio

 Protools Audio, Avid editing. 


DW, Yamaha, A customs, Marshall, Boogie, Peavey, Ampeg, GK, Fender, Rhodes, Hammond, Kurzweil, arsenal of Microphones, Sax, Trumpet, trombone, and Strings


“The vibe is right, the gear is endless, and the people are state of the art.”